Entry #1

I'm not dead. :]

2007-09-29 16:24:43 by UniChild

Just thought I'd drop in and let you folks know....that...(God am I even talking to anyone? lol) I'm planning a couple major flash animation projects, but I can't do anything until
1. I find time
2. I find out about making smaller flash files
3. I learn more animation skills n' tricks

So...it may be a while. ^^; Just thought I'd tell you anyway.



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2007-11-25 01:02:39

hello, please to meet you ^^


2007-11-25 14:32:56

awesome. and yea, i thought you were dead lol.


2008-01-18 20:01:41

Awesome. Lookin' forward to more of your work. :)


2008-07-04 06:42:01

Hopefully your search woun't take much longer.
Your work is good and has a personal touch.
Looking forword for more.


2009-01-04 18:50:16

OMG a girl tits pl0x


2009-04-22 07:22:14

Ya know, I think you may be dead since your last update was Sep. 2007. :\
Come back to life for us, ok?


2010-04-18 05:00:26

Just thought I'd say that I still listen to 12 Days to TP just to hear you sing Epona's Song. I hope you'll do more someday.


2010-07-27 00:21:04

hey uhichild i like your work and id like to ask when the next new one will be or if you will consider doing some animation for me (my sucky computer cant use any animation programs) pretty pretty please ill be your best friend